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Tins::RSNHandshakeCapturer Class Reference

#include <handshake_capturer.h>

Public Types

typedef RSNHandshake handshake_type
typedef std::vector
< handshake_type

Public Member Functions

bool process_packet (const PDU &pdu)
 Processes a packet. More...
const handshakes_typehandshakes () const
 Retrieves the completed handshakes. More...
void clear_handshakes ()
 Clears the completed handshakes. More...

Detailed Description

Captures 802.1X RSN handshakes.

Member Typedef Documentation

The type of handshakes that will be captured.

The type in which all of the captured handshakes will be stored.

Member Function Documentation

void Tins::RSNHandshakeCapturer::clear_handshakes ( )

Clears the completed handshakes.

Since completed handshakes are stored in a std::vector, it is advisable to remove all of them once they have been processed.

const handshakes_type& Tins::RSNHandshakeCapturer::handshakes ( ) const

Retrieves the completed handshakes.

This will return the handshakes that have been completed so far. A handshake is completed when the 4-way handshake is captured.

See Also
bool Tins::RSNHandshakeCapturer::process_packet ( const PDU pdu)

Processes a packet.

This will fetch the RSNEAPOL layer, if any, and store it in an intermediate storage. When a handshake is completed, it will be stored separately.

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