libtins  4.0
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Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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|oChash< Tins::HWAddress< n > >
|oChash< Tins::IPv4Address >
|\Chash< Tins::IPv6Address >
oNTinsThe Tins namespace
|oNAllocatorsDefines inner PDU allocators
|oNConstantsConstants used in protocols
|oNUtilsNetwork utils namespace
|oCAddressRangeIteratorAddressRange iterator class
|oCAddressRangeRepresents a range of addresses
|oCARPRepresents an ARP PDU
|oCBootPRepresents a BootP PDU
|oCDataLinkTypeMaps a libtins link layer PDU to a libpcap data link identifier
|oCDHCPRepresents the DHCP PDU
|oCDHCPv6Represents a DHCPv6 PDU
|oCDNSRepresents a DNS PDU
|oCDot3Class representing an IEEE 802.3 PDU
|oCEAPOLRepresents the EAP encapsulation over LAN
|oCRC4EAPOLClass that represents the RC4 EAPOL PDU
|oCRSNEAPOLClass that represents the RSN EAPOL PDU
|oCEthernetIIRepresents an Ethernet II PDU
|oCexception_baseBase class for all libtins exceptions
|oCoption_not_foundException thrown when an option is not found
|oCmalformed_packetException thrown when a malformed packet is parsed
|oCserialization_errorException thrown when serializing a packet fails
|oCpdu_not_foundException thrown when a PDU is not found when using PDU::rfind_pdu
|oCinvalid_interfaceException thrown when PDU::send requires a valid interface, but an invalid is used
|oCinvalid_addressException thrown when an invalid string representation of an address is provided
|oCinvalid_option_valueException thrown when a PDU option is set using an incorrect value
|oCfield_not_presentException thrown when a field is not present in frame
|oCsocket_open_errorException thrown when PacketSender fails to open a socket
|oCsocket_close_errorException thrown when PacketSender fails to close a socket
|oCsocket_write_errorException thrown when PacketSender fails to write on a socket
|oCinvalid_socket_typeException thrown when an invalid socket type is provided to PacketSender
|oCunknown_link_typeException thrown when an unkown link layer PDU type is found while sniffing
|oCmalformed_optionException thrown when a malformed option is found
|oCbad_tins_castException thrown when a call to tins_cast fails
|oCprotocol_disabledException thrown when sniffing a protocol that has been disabled at compile time
|oCfeature_disabledException thrown when a feature has been disabled at compile time
|oCoption_payload_too_largeException thrown when a payload is too large to fit into a PDUOption
|oCpcap_errorGeneric pcap error
|oCinvalid_pcap_filterException thrown when an invalid pcap filter is compiled
|oCpdu_not_serializableException thrown when serialiation of a non-serializable PDU is attempted
|oCpcap_open_failedException thrown when opening a pcap handle fails
|oCunsupported_functionException thrown when a function not supported on the current OS is called
|oCinvalid_domain_nameException thrown when an invalid domain name is parsed
|oCstream_not_foundException thrown when a stream is not found
|oCcallback_not_setException thrown when a required callback for an object is not set
|oCinvalid_packetException thrown when an invalid packet is provided to some function
|oCHWAddressRepresents a hardware address
|oCICMPClass that represents an ICMP PDU
|oCICMPExtensionClass that represents an ICMP extension object
|oCICMPExtensionsStructureClass that represents an ICMP extensions structure
|oCICMPv6Represents an ICMPv6 PDU
|oCIPClass that represents an IP PDU
|oCIPv4AddressAbstraction of an IPv4 address
|oCIPv4ReassemblerReassembles fragmented IP packets
|oCIPSecAHRepresents an IPSec Authentication Header
|oCIPSecESPRepresents an IPSec Authentication Header
|oCLLCRepresenting a LLC frame
|oCLoopbackRepresents a Loopback PDU
|oCMPLSRepresents an MPLS PDU
|oCNetworkInterfaceAbstraction of a network interface
|oCPacketWrapperRepresents a sniffed packet
|oCPacketSenderSends packets through a network interface
|oCPDUBase class for protocol data units
|oCPDUCacherPDU wrapper that caches the result of the wrapped PDU's serialization
|oCPDUOptionRepresents a PDU option field
|oCPPPoERepresents a Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet PDU
|oCSLLRepresents a Linux cooked-mode capture (SLL) PDU
|oCsmall_uintRepresents a field of n bits
|oCSNAPRepresents a SNAP frame
|oCSTPRepresents a Spanning Tree Protocol PDU
|oCTCPRepresents a TCP PDU
|oCTimestampRepresents a packet timestamp
|oCUDPRepresents an UDP PDU