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Tins::Crypto::WPA2::SupplicantData Class Reference

Represents a WPA2 supplicant's data. More...

#include <crypto.h>

Public Types

typedef SessionKeys::pmk_type pmk_type

Public Member Functions

 SupplicantData (const std::string &psk, const std::string &ssid)
 Constructs a SupplicantData. More...
const pmk_typepmk () const
 Getter for the PMK. More...
const std::string & ssid () const
 Getter for the SSID. More...

Detailed Description

Represents a WPA2 supplicant's data.

Objects of this class can be given the pre-shared key and the SSID of some access point, and this will generate the Pairwise Master Key from those parameters.

Member Typedef Documentation

The type used to store the PMK.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Tins::Crypto::WPA2::SupplicantData::SupplicantData ( const std::string &  psk,
const std::string &  ssid 

Constructs a SupplicantData.

pskThe pre-shared key.
ssidThe access point's SSID.

Member Function Documentation

const pmk_type& Tins::Crypto::WPA2::SupplicantData::pmk ( ) const

Getter for the PMK.

The generated PMK.
const std::string& Tins::Crypto::WPA2::SupplicantData::ssid ( ) const

Getter for the SSID.

The access point's SSID

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